Sue Jarman

I am an image maker and printmaker.

My work is predominantly figurative and inspired by people, fashion, figures, and environments.

Drawing is my catalyst and a fundamental part of my practice, and I use it to capture ordinary moments from everyday life – I love to observe, listen, and reflect. Some favourite haunts include busy cafes, bustling streets, and populated public spaces.

Being immersed in the process of drawing, sketchbook in hand is my happy place. And what I affectionately like to refer to as visual eavesdropping. And it is a key element in how work evolves, through observed and constructed human dialogue.

In complete contrast to this figurative hustle and bustle I also enjoy working on location, often in more remote environments, but in places that still incorporate a human presence. This work has a different set of challenges; as well as an invaluable way to feed, inform and creating stand-alone physical and immediate responses.

Drawings are then taken somewhere different with printmaking. A discipline that requires planning, thought and time; a balance between something controlled and something spontaneous.

I work with a variety of printmaking techniques including screen printing, etching, lithography and woodcut. Materials and subject matter always lead my processes and material choices – then a life-long fascinated with colour informs my colour palettes.

An important part of my practice is knowledge sharing, which I do through teaching and running workshops. These include teaching and lecturing on accredited post compulsory courses as well as on leisure courses and creative workshops; I enjoy the two-way learning and sharing experience. At present I am also the print coordinate at The Forge.

I exhibit and sell work through shops, galleries and at shows; as well as submitting work for open calls, competitions, and other creative opportunities. Last year I won the Letchworth Open Dekkle Prize, run by Dekkle Printmaking Studio in association with the Broadway Gallery. And recently I have been selected for the Mawddach Residency, where I will be drawing and printing on location in the Welsh landscape.

Instagram: @sue_jarman

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