Sue Lines

Fellowship:  October 2004 – October 2006 Farmhouse

Artform: Glass

Principal Art/Craft: kiln formed glass making

My work has been using Geology as themes for sculptures made of glass and have committed myself to developing this theme further in the Advanced Project this coming year. I also intend to start developing other ideas – especially

Ones that use recycled, fusing and slumping glass sculptural reliefs that may be illuminated artificially (effectively using them as subdued lighting units). I am also interested in developing the use of enamels and encapsulating metals in the glass.


Teacher’s Training specialising in sculpture 1964 – 67

– B.Ed part time 1972 full time work from 1967 to 1997

– Part time ceramics course at UK 1997 -2000

– Foundation in Art and Design N.H. College 2001 – 2003 (part time)

– Professional Development Certificate in Kiln formed glass

– Westminster Adult education college 2003 – 4 (one day a week)

– Advanced Project Westminster Adult Education College 2004 – 5 (one day a week)

– Since Full Time Training: As you will see, my career for 29 years was as a full time teacher and when I obtained early retirement I decided to explore areas of making art. Eventually I joined the Foundation at NHC and while continuing ceramics, discovered glass making and have been developing my skills in that area with great enthusiasm ever since.

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