Suzy Drake BA (Hons)

In 1994 I gained a BA(Hons) degree in scientific illustration from Middlesex University. From this time until the present day I have worked as an illustrator, working mainly to commission for private individuals. At the same time I have been running creative, art based workshops and courses for different age groups and abilities, and creating my own personal artwork.

My own work tends to be inspired by anything from mythology and astrology to abstract shapes found in the natural world. I use a range of technique and media as I have always believed that they are simply a tool and I use whatever suits my intended outcome, whatever that might be.

A visit to South Africa early in 2006 has inspired a new series of work and teaching experimental mark making and drawing has brought about a new way of working where the surface and the materials used and the marks they make have become equal in importance to the image. The paintings are allowed to develop naturally as the painting or drawing progresses and there is little prior preparation other than the original sketches and photographs.

Phone: 01438 720537

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