Written by Fenners

On January 3, 2020

Susan Pilborough’s exhibition, ‘The Flow’, relates to the female biological changes of cyclical shedding of discarded cells. The cellular detritus has become homogenised, accumulated and amassed as a cluster of dispensed husks: a representation of a time of fecundity.

Little seems to be discussed or explored in art, even in present times, of menstruation and the monthly bodily functions of female reproduction. Whilst researching this area, Pilborough has unearthed an almost taboo attitude towards discussing this subject, which prompted the move to create work for an exhibition that would include artworks that illustrates this ongoing and natural sequence.

Pilborough’s exhibition is an observation of the cycle and whilst the installation is ambiguous in presentation and possible interpretation, this is intentional to expose the inert pressure to camouflage the hidden and regular experience of fertile women.
The nature of the repetition found in the materiality and construction of the work, echos and expresses the almost continuous process that a majority of women experience; highlighting the accumulative cellular outcome of the regular monthly cycle.

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