Tim Mitchell

After many years of fitting pottery around a busy life of raising children and a demanding full-time job, I’m proud to say I am now a full time potter and a Fellow of the Digswell Art Trust at the Fenner Studios in Letchworth.

I am excited to build on my experience that to date has been making stoneware vessels thrown on the potter’s wheel. I like to experiment by altering the natural symmetry of wheel thrown vessels while leather hard, with the aim to create pots that have subtle irregularities and interesting surface textures. I maintain this approach during the glazing process with a blend of layered colours to accentuate the pot’s form, texture and any surface detail.

My strong belief in sustainable consumption is a crucial driver in how I approach what I make. For example, I’m currently exploring the combination of centuries old reclaimed wood and metal, to further enhance the pot’s natural characteristics and individuality. I believe that when we acquire attractive, well constructed and useful objects these can play a fulfilling role in our day-to-day lives for many years; just think how many times you’ve used your favourite mug and how little the cost per use is even though the initial outlay was higher than a mass produced item?

Since 2008 I have attended evening classes and the odd Saturday at either Herts University or Oaklands college but in 2022 I made the decision to pursue pottery as a full time profession after a 30 year career working in the prosaic world of finance. I am mostly self taught and have not received any formal training in the arts but I do seek education as and when I need it which is both efficient and has immediate practical benefits to my work.

My personal style and taste is drawn to wheel thrown ceramics that exhibit simplicity and originality. For me, simplicity means a ‘less-is-more’ approach and originally comes from inspiration which often comes out of the blue and can be subtle and easy to miss.



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