Tina Reid

My art practice mainly consists of 2D work on canvas and paper, but I also make sculpture. Most pieces usually start with a drawing in one form or another, whether it is a doodle, ink blot or a body tracing. I use inks, charcoal, pen, whatever feels right at the time for that piece. My work explores themes of the human body, gesture, time and motion.

Repetition is important in my work. I can become obsessed with a process and tend to come up with some rules and order to limit my actions. I like to build up my works in layers. This could be a line, then a wash, then a blot. Usually in a predefined order and repeated several times.

Motifs that are always popping up in my work are circles and ovals. They feel like a way of controlling the chaotic areas of my work (in a way containers, vessels). They often contain or control colour in some way and are usually drawn in a black line, whilst the colour contained is usually bright and fluid.

Some of the plaster sculptures I make contain metal objects, nails, wire. Over time the metal reacts with the plaster. I like to experiment with materials. Reactions between different materials always fascinate me and I quite often will use these in my work. I love a happy accident. This is what keeps me making art. There is always something different to discover.

Website: www.tinareid.co.uk

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