Veronica Grassi

Veronica Grassi 'Twenty-Five'

Veronica Grassi ‘Twenty-Five’

Recent projects include ‘Hertford 100’ which documented the exploration and heritage of Hertford.  Using unique sculptural textile methods to interpret, One Hundred Objects, One Hundred (Hi)stories.  The Victorian Naturalist, Author and Scientist, Alfred Russel Wallace who lived in the town as a child, triggered the collection of found and natural curios from Hertford together with Grassi’s stitched work.  Capturing a sense of discovery, the “miniature collection” are objects mediating experience in time and space.  The handmade, the mass produced discarded and now reclaimed objects present the world that we currently now live and carry forward the investigation of enquiry

Through time and environment, the memory and narrative is transferred to the object.  The shape of the form and surface qualities are altered through rust, collapse and deterioration.

The surface qualities manifest to reflect fragility, mortality and vulnerability.  The materials are purposefully selected as they had served their purpose and are now discarded.  The materials are then taken and transformed into an object that can be desired and treasured.

Taking inspiration from ancient treasures and collections at museums, architectural ruins historical places of interest and the age of enlightenment, Grassi offers the viewer a familiar, however, ambiguous memory and narrative.


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